As a wedding planner you will use a variety of skill sets to do your job well.

All the skills required to be a wedding planner can be taught, but it does help if you have a natural passion for weddings, and a burning desire to work with people.

How many of the below skills do you already have? Take note of the points below that are true for you….

  • You like to organise parties and social gatherings.
  • You are well organised
  • You are detail-orientated
  • You like to plan things in advance and schedule them. You may even keep track of appointments in a diary or phone.
  • You enjoy handling a number of things at once.
  • You are a list-maker
  • You can keep calm while multi-tasking
  • You are artistic or creative
  • You are a people person. You enjoy the company of others.
  • You are a good communicator
  • You are a romantic at heart

In this module we will discuss:

  • The most common skills amongst the top wedding planners. As a wedding planner, you will be dealing with a range of personality types – so you need to be able to read and communicate effectively with each personality.
  • Teaching yourself wedding planning. We will discuss the places to go to learn, people to speak with, things to do, and what to read and watch to teach yourself how to become an excellent wedding planner.

At the end of the module you will find your first self-assignment, which isn’t required for certification but will be extremely useful to you if you want to succeed as a wedding planner.

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