Choosing a venue to hold the wedding reception

Choosing an appropriate venue for the reception is vitally important to the success of the event. Some of the things you should take into consideration are as follows:

Will the room hold the required number of people?

Is the venue clean and in good repair?

Is it suitable for a catered affair or used mainly for meetings?

Is there a view or nicely landscaped grounds for photos?

Dance floor
Is the space appropriate for the number of people?

Kitchen appliances
If hiring caterers in a hall – what appliances are available?

Washroom facilities
Are handicapped facilities available? Are they clean?

Does the venue provide a microphone?

Can the lights be dimmed for the dancing or presentations?

Are the chairs clean and comfortable? Are there extra chairs?

Does the venue supply linen for the tables?

Stage or platform
Does the venue supply any of these items for DJ and/or MC?

Is there enough power points for the DJ/ Band?

What type of tables do they supply? Round? Rectangle?

Does it have a refrigerator? Is it stocked with openers & glasses

Clean up
Is there a cleaning fee after the event?

On-site coordination
Does the venue have its own event coordinator?

It is always a great idea to take notes on the above points, to get the overall details of what needs to be planned and organised for using that venue.

The ambiance of the place is also important, and views, entrances, parking and maintenance are important factors.

Always make an appointment with the venue for a site inspection – never just turn up. This way you can speak with the manager of the venue or on-site wedding coordinator to get the full details required for hiring the venue, and facilitating a great event.

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