Designing A Wedding Ceremony

This lesson is about designing a wedding ceremony. Many people simply overlook the ceremony design in the wedding planning, which is a shame as the wedding ceremony is one of the most important parts of the day! Wouldn’t you want it to look simply magical?

We have put together an ebook with a whole lot of different options and things to consider when you are designing a wedding ceremony space! It includes everything from layout to florals, to chair choices, to archways and arbors, and aisle treatments!

You can use this style guide to help familiarize yourself with the names of different settings, and also be up to date with the latest trends in ceremony design.

You could even use the PDF style guide to show clients about the different options available.

Also use this ebook as a reference or source of inspiration when you have to design a ceremony for the Assignment for this module.

Watch the Video Below On Wedding Ceremony Design

Step 1:

First of all, gain an idea of things that your bride likes… and also make sure you have a wedding inspiration board to work with – so you know the overall theme and style of wedding.

Step 2:

Consider where the ceremony will be held – is it indoors or outdoors? Consider the direction that the ceremony will face, and the backdrop for the photos. Other things to consider are proximity to car parking, and access for the bride.

Step 3:

Choose the type of chair that you will use – is it cross-back chairs, white Americana folding chairs, benches, tiffany chairs, or chairs with chair covers? How many chairs will you need, and how will you place them- i.e what formation will they be in? How many rows of chairs, and how many in each row? Consider chair treatment – will they have any additional decoration on the backs of the chairs?

Step 4:

Consider signing table and chairs. What tablecloth will you use? Where will the signing table be placed? What decorations will you have on the signing table? Fresh flowers? Remember a pen as well as weights if the ceremony is outside.

Fresh flowers: will there be arrangements down the aisle or on the signing table? Costs, and material costs. Is there a way to get the same feel and theme at a cheaper cost? (Candles are a great solution for adding romance at a cost effective price. The more fresh flowers you have – the more expensive the centerpiece.) Also consider the type of flowers that are in season for the month that the wedding is in.

Step 5:

Consider an arbor, arch or canopy for the altar – where the bride and groom will stand. There are many different styles and designs of ‘canopies’ that you can create – refer to the style guide.

Step 6:

Consider extra decoration items such as draping fabric, hanging chandeliers, hanging crystal strands, columns with flowers, kissing balls, welcome easels, and hanging bunting or paper lanterns.

Step 7:

Consider aisle treatment. Will there be a runner going down the aisle? What color? Or maybe petals instead? Will there be anything else running down the aisle – such as shepherds hooks, kissing balls, flowers, arrangements etc, etc.

Step 8:

Consider extra ceremony accessories/items such as petal cones, bubbles, program fans, reserved seating signs.

Step 9:

You may like to consider or suggest music, as well as organize a P.A and microphone (although a lot of celebrants provide this in their package.)

Step 10:

Consider time of day for the ceremony for the best photos! Also consider a wet-weather plan if the ceremony is outside

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