Finding a job as a wedding planner

There are several places that you may see wedding industry jobs advertised. You can search the job ads online at job websites (see below), on Gumtree, or on social media accounts of wedding suppliers. Job websites you can search include:


Key words you might enter include: wedding coordinator, wedding sales consultant, event planner, events manager, wedding planner, bridal consultant.

You can also search under ‘Industry’: try Hospitality, Floristry, Retail, Management and Sales.

You can also find wedding planning jobs on social media such as Instagram. More and more companies are advertising positions this way.

Another alternative is to simply identify who you would like to work for, and send them your resume and a cover letter explaining who you are and the kind of work you are looking for. You should follow this up with an email or phone call. If they don’t have anything available for you right now, ask them to keep your details on file and let you know when they do.
Also let friends and colleagues know you are looking for a position. Many employers find staff through word of mouth. They will ask around the industry via business associates and their employees to see if they know anyone who might be suitable – so get the word out there. Networking can be the most effective way of finding a job.

Even when there is no job available, if you can show an employer that your value will outweigh the cost to them, you may be able to convince them to take you on.

Here are some ‘costs’ you will need to consider: your salary, benefits, resources (e.g. computer, supplies) and staff training.

Here are some ways of showing ‘value’: increasing profits by getting more sales, increasing profits by reducing the company’s costs, freeing up your boss’s time for more important work, reducing your boss’s frustration by taking on tasks they don’t like doing themselves.

For example, a busy wedding planner might hire you to be their assistant if you can convince them that, with your help, they could do more of the tasks that they enjoy and fewer of the tasks they don’t enjoy, while being able to take on more weddings and earn more money.

Likewise, a company that occasionally provides services for weddings (such as a caterer, florist, party supply company, photographer or resort) might hire you to set up a ‘wedding department’ if you can convince them that you can increase profits by getting more customers.

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