Food and beverage selection

Usually the bride and groom and their parents will select the menu choices for the reception meals, and will also select the type of wines to be served from the bar.

It is a great idea to know a little bit about your wines, and different varieties- in case you get asked.

Occasionally the bride and groom may request a custom menu or custom sides to a menu selection, so you may have to communicate between the chef and client to work out a mutual agreement.

Customizing a set menu can always be done at the venue, and there is usually flexibility with the chef. Most times though there are additional charges for changing the menu, or customizing.

It is also important to note any special dietary requirements that guests may have. It’s a great idea to add a line to the RSVP cards in the wedding invitations to ask guests of any special requirements or any allergies. You will need to give the chef or caterer this information well in advance of the wedding.

Another consideration is children’s meals. Ask your clients how many children will be attending, and the ages of those children. Most venues have dedicated children’s meals, at a lower cost per head.

In regards to food and beverage for the reception, it’s a great idea to sit down and ask your clients the below information – before booking a venue or caterer:

  • Will the reception be a brunch, lunch or dinner?
  • Would they prefer a formal sit down meal or buffet meal?
  • How many courses do they prefer?
  • Will the wedding cake be used as a dessert- to replace a dessert menu?
  • Would they like canapés or hors d’oeuvres to be served before dinner- while they are getting bridal photos?
  • Are there any cultural or religious food requirements or restrictions that need to be considered?

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