How much to charge for your services

This lesson is going to cover a few different tips on how to charge for your wedding services- whether it be wedding planning, styling or a DIY hire service!

There are two ways that a wedding planner will work: on a ‘Fixed Fee’ for planning, or a Percentage of the wedding budget.

Fixed Fee:

Fixed fees usually range from $1,000 – $3,500 depending on how many suppliers you are coordinating, the amount of time you will be there on the day, and how much involvement you have in all the wedding details. The more responsibility you have, and the more suppliers you source for the bride, the more the planner will charge.

On The Day Coordination: Fixed Fee

Some brides will book the suppliers herself, but want a wedding planner to do ‘on the day coordination, kind of like a personal wedding P.A who will oversee all the suppliers, make sure everything gets delivered, everything is set up correctly, and everything flows seamlessly.

This service is quite popular in the US market, as many brides don’t completely trust all their suppliers, and they worry about things coming together on the day, and want someone who has good attention to detail and someone they can trust to make it all come together. The fee for this is usually $900- $1,500.

Percentage of Overall Budget:

Some planners might charge a percentage of the overall budget. This is usually 10%. So if the overall wedding budget is $30,000 you will be paid $3,000. You will book suppliers on the bride’s behalf, and manage the wedding budget. You may also be able to get the bride discounts with your contacts, saving her money, which in turn justifies your fee.

Wedding Decoration Service

Wedding Decorators tend to charge in a few different ways:

1. A Set Price Per Head

A set price per head is mainly for reception styling, which can be anywhere from $20 pp to $65 pp for full wedding reception styling, including chair covers or hired chairs, table centerpieces, welcome sign, wishing well table, bridal table styling, cake table styling, and candles. The more elaborate, or the more inclusions, the higher the price per head.

So if the bride has 100 guests attending the wedding, she will pay $20 x 100 = $2000

2. A Hire Price Per Item + Labor Charge

Each item on the decoration invoice is individually priced, and a qty worked out next to each one. For example:

Floral centerpiece $65 x 10 tables = $650

Bridal table styling inc fresh flowers, candles and custom table cloth = $300

Gift table styling inc. wishing well and matching decor items = $120

Welcome Sign = $120

Wedding Backdrop = $550

They will then add on their time for delivery of the goods, and labor for setting up. This may look like:

Labor: 2 x stylists @ $30 / hr for 2 hours = $120
Delivery, Setup and Pack-down = $180

3. Wedding Decoration Packages

Some decoration places will have grouped packages together, for a flat fee:

Standard Wedding Ceremony Setup – $500 (20 x white chairs, aisle runner, signing table and welcome sign)

Bliss Wedding Ceremony Setup – $700 (single wedding arch, 20 white chairs, white carpet, signing table, welcome sign)

Luxury Wedding Package – $900 (luxury wedding arbor, silk draping, hanging chandelier, luxury tiffany chairs, white carpet, kissing balls down aisle, signing table, table decoration, welcome easel and sign)

DIY Hire

DIY hire is usually a lot cheaper, as the bride will be doing the styling herself, and she is only hiring the items. The bride will come and collect the goods from you, and return it as well. So no labor is required on your end, and you won’t be delivering the goods, or attending the wedding- hence you are purely making money from your stock, without much of your time involved.

The prices that you will charge is usually a once off hire fee, plus a bond amount for any breakages or damaged goods. The bond can be refunded when the goods are returned.


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