Preparing The Wedding Budget – Success

Not many of us have an unlimited budget for our weddings, like that of James Packer – one of Australia’s richest men – when he married Erica Baxter on the French Riviera in 2008 (the cost is estimated at $15 million!!). Most of your clients are likely to have a limited budget, which will make it necessary for you to work closely with them on planning how best to allocate the funds. 

Find out early on what the total budget is for the wedding. You don’t want to find out too late that your happy couple has champagne tastes on a beer budget! You will need to discuss with them the importance of being realistic and setting priorities. For example, is the location more important to them than the number of guests they can invite? Find out what they consider to be essential, and what they can do without.

Most of the money will go towards the reception – all that wining and dining of the guests doesn’t come cheap, so remind your clients to be aware of how many people they invite to the reception. 

Use our sample wedding budget form, found in the lesson materials.

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