Reception decoration and styling: Chair embellishment

7 Ways to Style a Chair

A lot of venues and function rooms in the United States have some pretty ugly function chairs – so this is why chair embellishment is a major part of the decor at a wedding! Your bride made not have the budget to hire in a different kind of chair like a tiffany chair or cross-back chair, so you’re stuck with the plain white lycra chair cover, and wondering what you can do to make it tie in with your decor theme.

In this section, we are going to cover a few different ideas and tips on decorating or styling the chair cover with sashes and overlays. The video tutorial below shows you 7 ways to style a chair, and different styles of chair embellishment.

Chair Styling and Decoration Service

How much to charge for this service?

For a basic chair cover- fitted on the chair- including setup and pack down: $4.50.

DIY hire: $2.50/ chair cover

For the Sash and fabric on the chair- $1-4/ chair. (so anywhere from $4.50- $8.50 per decorated chair.)

Hopefully this helps give you a few different ideas for styling a chair for your client, and some practical ways of decorating a chair and different ways to tie fabric and sashes!

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