Reception decoration and styling: Wedding draping

This lesson is going to cover a few different ideas and tips on wedding draping- including backdrops and canopies.

The system that we are using in this tutorial is called the Pipe and Drape System.

In the video below we are going to cover how to install and set-up a:

  • Wedding Canopy(for a wedding ceremony both indoor or outdoor)
  • Wedding Backdrop (for bridal table or wall draping):


 Materials Needed

Wedding Canopy

  • 4 Base Plates
  • 4 Vertical ‘Uprights’ (2.2m- 3m height)
  • 4 Cross Bars (2.2m length)
  • 8 Curtain Drapes  (3.5m length of curtain, 3m width)
  • Step Ladder
  • Safety Pins
  • Fabric ties (or elastic)
  • Silk Flowers

Wedding Backdrop (for each 3m length)

  • 2 Base Plates
  • 2 Vertical Uprights (2.2- 3m height)
  • 1 Cross Bar (3 m length)
  • Curtain Drapes, 6m width, 3m height

Pipe and Drape Variations

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