Selecting wedding music

Music can be a beautiful and moving part of any wedding, a personalized selection of the music can add value in terms of meaning for the couple.

At most wedding ceremonies, music is played at the following times:

  • During the prelude (i.e., before the wedding starts), normally commencing about 30 minutes prior to the start of the wedding while guests are arriving.
  • During the processional.
  • Intermittently throughout the ceremony (e.g., when the marriage certificate is being signed).
  • During the recessional.
  • After the ceremony.

Various types of music and musicians can be selected for the different parts of the ceremony, including:

  • A choir.
  • musical group.
  • guitar player.
  • harpist.
  • pianist.
  • soloist.
  • string quartet.
  • pre-recorded music.

Finding musicians

Before you start looking for musicians, ask your clients if they have any family members who sing or play an instrument that they would like to perform at the wedding ceremony. If you are looking for a pianist, organist or choir to perform at the couple’s wedding, ask at the venue if they know of any or check at your local church and see if the organist, pianist or choir would be interested in being hired for the wedding.

Musicians can also be found through local music studios where individuals are taught (you can find these under ‘music instructors’ in the Yellow Pages. If you get a lead on a good musician, ask them for a demo tape that your clients can listen to. It is important to have contracts in place with any musicians that are hired.

Before plans are finalized, check with the officiant to determine if there are any rules or restrictions regarding music during the ceremony. You should also check with the venue.

Music stores offer compilation CDs of love songs and other beautiful music. It may be helpful for you to have a few of these on hand to help your clients select their music. You can also order wedding compilations and love songs at www.amazon.com.

In the lesson materials you can download the list of top 5 wedding songs to walk down the aisle.

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