Who’s Who in The Wedding Planning Process

You may hear a range of terms for people involved in the wedding planning business. Some of them may be full time wedding planners who own their own business, others may work for retail outlets, reception centers or venues and they may only plan one aspect of the wedding. Some of the common terms you may come across are as follows:

Bridal consultant – Most bridal consultants are wedding planners who assist with all aspects of the wedding. People who work in bridal shops may also be referred to using this term.

Wedding coordinator – This is another term for ‘wedding planner’, although some wedding coordinators may be only involved in coordinating the wedding ceremony or reception.

Wedding consultant – This term generally refers to people who run a wedding planning company. They may plan the entire wedding, or simply give advice (consult) to couples that want to plan their own weddings.

Wedding planner – A wedding planner assists in planning and organizing all aspects of a wedding ceremony or reception.

Some other terms might include ‘wedding specialist’ or wedding professional’. However, in this guide we use the term ‘wedding planner’, unless otherwise specified.

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