Capstone Assignment

Plan a Backyard Wedding to the client’s briefs and provide complete Wedding Planning

Templates of the wedding.

Client Brief: Private Backyard wedding for 50 guests.

Wedding in October, and ceremony and reception will be held in the backyard of a private house.

The client has a budget of $5,000 for the ceremony, reception and food and beverage.

This includes the equipment that needs to be hired, decorations and food and beverage. The client is on a budget, but still wants a wedding of their dreams, with gorgeous detail
and personal touches. You need to work within her budget to help her plan and organize
her dream wedding. You need to provide:

  • Proposed furniture and equipment that needs to be hired.
  • Decorations and styling for the ceremony and reception.
  • Caterers, menus and costings. (Including Wedding Cake.)
  • Floor plan of the layout of the wedding.
  • Inspiration board for a theme for the wedding.
  • An invoice detailing the individual costing breakdowns.
  • Suggested running times of the event.
  Please upload any files for marking and assessment. You may also include supporting images, if needed.

Capstone Project - Grading Rubric

The supporting document outlines the assignment guidelines, illustrating the criteria required for a passing grade. Please work through the assignment requirement checklist to ensure following components are completed, and included within your final submission for grading. Please note that there is no specific allocation of marks, simply an “approved” or “not approved” grade based on your completion of the assignment requirements. Feedback will be provided within 10 days of submission.

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